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Recently I was in the village of Sant Julia de Cerdanyola from where the Pedraforca can be seen because of the more photogenic face, that of the tartera.

As I was going to have time to take pictures prepare the equipment and with the help of the TPE application and Google Maps I calculated where the sun was going to look for a good location from where to take the photos at dawn.

According to the application data the sun would come to my back and illuminate the mountain frontally. The first rays of sun would illuminate the summit and quickly descend through the pie to the base of the mountain. On Maps I located an area on the outskirts of the village from where, without obstacles, the mountain was perfectly visible.

A priori, the outlook was good. Perhaps, this weekend I would bring a good photo home.

As soon as I arrived in Sant Julià, the first thing I did was to go to the chosen place on the map to see if I had not been wrong - to have the terrain studied in advance because with the dark of the night the problems are more difficult to solve - and indeed, the place was perfect for my purpose. The terrain descended downhill and was clear of trees and shrubs so the view was clear and clear.

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In the morning the alarm went off when it was still dark. I picked up the equipment I had prepared before going to bed and headed for the place I had chosen the day before.

Soon I realized that something was not right. Behind the mountain behind me, the first rays of sunshine tried to break through, but the clouds that until that moment had hoped they would disappear would not let them reach the top of the mountain, so that the whole scene it was illuminating with a diffused light that was not good for my purpose.

Finally, as Murphy said, everything that could go wrong was wrong.

After breakfast cleared completely and left a sunny day. At noon, before eating, I went to the mirador of the Pedraforca that is in Falgars, I planted the tripod and take a series of photographs of which I leave a sample of

I hope you like it.

When I see it, I can not help but imagine how this photo would look with the reddish colors of the first rays of the sun. p>

  • Adam Floyd