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The fish restaurant (The Fish) is right in the center of Bilbao, very close to the Moyua metro stop and only meters from the Guggenheim Museum at 40 Henao Street.

At this restaurant, in a warm and inviting atmosphere, where they always make you feel right at home, you can enjoy the freshest fish,

And everything is cooked on their charcoal grill so that it's done to your taste!

And, of course, everything is accompanied by the best wines and liqueurs from their well-stocked wine cellar.

YummyCooks-Conoce-Explorá y Disfrut
YummyCooks-Conoce-Explorá y Disfrut

Their menu includes first plates such as the best fish soup, barnacles, sautéed clams, snails, galician mussels, razor clams, octopus, shrimp or langostines from Huelva, scarlet shrimp, soft-shell crab, cockles, prawn, lobster, cod, red prawn, cold cuts, cheese plates, anchovies in oil, or various freshly prepared salads with fresh ingredients.

And, for the main dish ... .it's so difficult to choose. The selection is varied and delicious: hake, sardines, Atlantic horse mackerel, king fish, red sea bream, monkfish, grouper, European sea bass, sole, turbot, bonito, tuna, scorpion fish, machote, hake neck ...

If you feel like meat, the pork skewer is spectacular, the Iberian secret makes you lick your fingers, and the grilled sirloin will leave you speechless.

mango, mandarine sorbets ... cheese with jellied fig, rice pudding ...

If you want to enjoy our meats, fish, seafood, etc; in a pleasant atmosphere,

visit Los Peces Restaurant. We are waiting for you!

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