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The oral bioavailability of Neuroprotectin D1 (NDP1) can range from 62% to 85%

Treatment Eicosa-penatenoic acid (EPA) / acid (85%) vs EPA / DHA (62%) in phospholipids (14 days) is 30% higher

1 Increased EPA / DHA (85%) vs EPA / / p>

2 To lower triglycemia, only concentrations above 80% are effective. The decrease in serum triglycerides is associated with the concentration of Omega3. The bioavailability of DHA is 10-fold lower than the EPA in Omega3, independent of the concentration (24-30-32% at 62- 80-85%) NDP1 Catabolism NDP1 Neuroprotectin D1 series w3 DHA, docosahexaenoic acid

NDP1 Dosage

The NDP1 has different mechanisms of action and is not related to DHA.

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Some of its properties are:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-apoptosis
  • Anti-ischemic
  • Antiangiogenic
  • Antineurodegenerative (neuroprotective)

(> 50 mg / kg / day), with the dose-dependent therapeutic response being <20 pg / kg / dl>

Each 20 kg, one DHA capsule

Metabolic Route NDP1

Contraindications: It is a semisynthetic product from fish oil, which is contraindicated in proven allergy to fish (anchovy and sardine) or excipients (glycerin, iron oxide and titanium). Adverse reactions, side effects and side effects have not been found in published and unpublished clinical studies of doxylation at doses of 4 and 8 g / day for 4 to 8 years.

Dangerous Precautions: Not relevant.

Overdose: There are no special recommendations in case of overdose.

Effects on machinery and driving: Not relevant.

8 years with NDP1-DHA:

  • no patient showed intolerance or side effects.
  • triglyceride declines and HDL increases
  • no changes were found in hemostasis
  • No laboratory parameter worsened

1 Day capsule in DCL Therapeutic dose: 4 capsules per day

ul> induce neuroprotection of NDP1 antiapoptosis in retina and brain hypertriglycerias ** dry eye Pulmonary ** Diabetic retinopathy

100mg / kg / day doses have been used in children with retinal diseases < 150 mg / kg / day in autism

Isolated treatments of 8-12 capsules / day: multiple sclerosis

nephritis renal failure ulcerative colitis Crohn's disease

Dosage can be increased until adequate response is obtained. > 8 gr / day represents 8-12% of total dietary fat intake

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