Famous China rooftopper 'confirmed dead' after fall from skyscraper

Attempting to do a series of pull ups off the side of the building, Yongning lost his grip and plunged 45 feet to his death, the Daily Mail reports.

Wu, who used to post videos of himself scaling tall buildings with no safety equipment, hoped to use the prize to pay his mother's medical bills, the Changsha Evening News said.

The South China Morning News reports that Wu Yongning, 26, died after he slipped while doing pull-ups from the rooftop of a 62-story building in Changsha, China.

Wu's girlfriend confirmed his death on Weibo on December 8 only a month after his death, according to the China News.

When he did not pick up her calls or return her messages, she thought at first that he had been detained by the authorities but he had in fact fallen from the 263m tall building. However, at this point he passed away and was found by a window cleaner shortly after. It is believed he free-climbed "nearly 20 more floors" to reach the position where he filmed.

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Local media outlets state Wu was attempting a challenge in order to win the equivalent of $20,000, with a family member telling the South China Post that he meant to use the money to pay for his upcoming wedding and his mother's medical treatment.

Fans of the stuntman-turned-rooftopper became concerned by Wu's prolonged absence from social media and began speculating about his fate. He often featured in social media advertisements and live-streaming platforms.

"He planned to propose to his girlfriend [the day after the challenge]", Feng said. He shared almost 300 videos of his death-defying acts.

Wu might have risked his life to take home the prize money, his step-uncle Feng Shengliang was quoted as saying.

  • Carlos Nash