Outoño by ETEC 1M3 2015 on Prezi

Outoño Names: Laura Araujo Jessica Xavier Leticia Lopes Luiza Eduarda Milena Duarte Nayara Francisco Rafaela Lima Vitoria Carvalho The Fall The Geography Fall characteristics are: - longer nights and shorter days - increase of the incidence of winds; - Gradual reduction of temperature; - Increased incidence of morning fog; - Decreased humidity; - The fall of the leaves of some types of trees Dresses Types of clothes for use during autumn The Festivals Day of the dead History Day of all saints Traditional sweets of the day of all saints. Autumn Flowers Aster: It is a perennial herbaceous that bears a great resemblance to the daisy. Bignonia: is a climbing shrub with beautiful orange and reddish flowers, which can reach 10 meters in height and appears in late summer. Chrysanthemum: It is an autumn flower from Asia. Crocus: This flower is usually planted in gardens or pots, given its small size, which makes it very versatile as a decorative element. The Sierra de la Tramuntana, Mallorca Food Pumpkin

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Tangerines The problems of autumn

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