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This morning
In the village
Where I live *
I saw an old man
Leisurely painting an old
Two- and-a half foot high
Metal milk can. < / p>

He was serene, the passersby
Strolled or rode their Bicycles.

At first I did not comprehend
How simple it was. To sit
In the shade of the sidewalk trees, painting
Offering lessons
From eleven to noon.

There must be something
More to this
I thought

But now, I think not.

The can turned slowly
From gray rusty ignominy
To blushful blue dawn enchantment
And the artist made yellow flowers
By daubing them into place
With a bit of ragged cork.

Old man, no older than me no doubt
You will never know
How delighted I was to see you! > Painting the old milk can
Back to life
In this hidden place
Where children grow up watching
Or ignoring you paint
And at night play hide and seek
In this corner
Of our obscure
But extraordinary
Village street.

* The village of Guadalupe

Sweet Potatoes
© 2015 by Alice Walker

When I buy sweet
In Whole Foods
They are
So they are the same size
All of them
And they are so clean!

There are rarely any holes in them
No shovel scrapes
No sign that creatures large or small
Have been nibbling them.

In the market in Mexico
The country from where Whole Foods' the country bumpkin cousins ​​
That were left behind
They are frequently misshapen

They are every shape and size
Under the sun.
If originality
Can be called that. As we in North

There are shovel scrapes,
There are broken ends,
There are nibble marks
Of any number of tiny beings.

I like to buy them
This way with all their Irregularities
And "imperfections."

When I was a child, The potato, bean , peanut, melon
Or squash
That showed
An unusual face
Was always prized
For its individuality
Eating it a coveted
Adventura. Confident


A world of Will start Again
After this one by Stops

I vow to spend - My Saturdays
Getting over myself
And abandoning
Projections, violations of spirit (mine and everyone else's)
Prejudices and misrepresentations
Of all kinds.

A new world
Is coming
But it will not be this same one. Somewhat improved.

After devastation > Mother
Will not be troubled again
For many eternities

According to prophecy
Even humans will know peace
For a thousand years
At least.

We will not be ruled by twin towers by Ivory or otherwise
Making love to death
Generation after generation.

Encourage the light
That best supports
Your vision
For the whole.

Time is almost up

Do not stay asleep. > And soil you've always
Stay wide awake: do your share
Of kneeling and kissing.

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© Alice Walker 2015 TOMORROW IN THE PEOPLE
This morning
in the village
where I live *
I saw an old man
calmly painting an old man > metal milk pitcher with two feet and a half high.

I was calm as the passers-by walked or rode their bikes.

Giving lessons from eleven to twelve.

There must be something more than this
I thought.
But now, I do not think so.

Old, no older than me no doubt
you'll never know how thrilled I felt to see you
painting the old pitcher of milk
back to life
in this occult place
where children grow up watching you or ignoring you paint
and at night they play hide and seek
in this corner
of our dark but extraordinary town street.

People of Guadalupe

When I buy sweet potatoes in Whole Foods
these are so nearly the same size
all of them
And they're so clean!

Seldom do they have gaps or hoe scrapes
no signs that big or small bugs have been biting them.

In the Mexican market, the country where the sweet potatoes come

I find their country cousins ​​who have been left behind because they are not all that good to export.

They are of all shapes and sizes under the sun.
Sometimes they are deformed
if the original
can be called this way, as we would others in the north.

There are hoe scrapes
there are broken parts
there are marks of gnawing and any number of small beings. There is an earthy cover < in every one of them
that undoubtedly screams

I like to buy these
in that way
with their irregularities and "imperfections".

When was girl
potato, bean, peanut, melon
or pumpkin
showing an unusual face
was always valued for its uniqueness
Comerla was a coveted > adventure.

Surely one world will start again
after this one stops.

I swear to employ
my Saturdays
restoring myself
and abandoning suspicions.
Assumptions, violations of the spirit (mine or any other)
prejudices and false images of all kinds < / p>

A new world is coming
but it will not be this same
somehow improved.

According to the prophecy
even humans will know peace for a thousand years
at least.

They will not rule us
twin towers of ivory or something like that
making love with death
generation after generation.

The mandate of the double phallus will be over for a long time.

encourages the light that best supports your vision at all.

The time almost ends for us. you fall asleep

Find that spot of grass and land that you've always venerated.
Stay awake: do your part
kneel and kiss.

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