For the love of art: Wu Kuan-Te

Artist born in 1979 in Taipei, Taiwan. He has taught at the National Kaohsiung Normal University, College of Arts, Bachelors.

He has held numerous art-related positions in his country as: former Secretary-General of the Watercolor Art Association of China and East Asia , members of the Taiwanese Watercolor International Association, teacher of the National High School Hsinchuang Senior and Director of Special Education and delegate editor of textbooks instruction in Art by the Ministry of Education.

2012 -2013: artist-creator in Paris International Collaborative Exhibitions

2014 AArt Citizen Art Shanghai, Shanghai, China

2013 Fluidité 'ArtPaul Gallery, Paris, France

2012 Tradition and Transformation: Taiwan-Australia Watercolor Exhibition, Mosman Art Gallery, Australia

Asia Art Gallery Fair Hong Kong 2012, Hong Kong

Affordable Art Fair, Singapore Domestic Collaborative Exhibitions

More news: Conservation Fiction

2014 Art Taipei 2015, Taipei World Trad and Center, Taipei

2013 "Riddle My Riddle" AAM Arch. Museum, Taichung, Taiwan

2012 "YOUNG ART TAIPEI 2012" Sheraton Hotel, Taipei

First City Art EXPO - Tainan Tayih Landis Hotel, Imavision Gallery, Tainan

Exploration - a Leftwing Puzzle starting from the artist Yao-Zhong Wu - Wistaria Tea House, Taipei

2011 "Impressionist scenes of Taiwan" - National Centennial Grand Watercolor Exhibition - National Museum of History, Taipei

Exhibition of Awarded Works in National Exhibitions - National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung > Beauty of the National Botanical Gardens - National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Gallery, Taipei

Flowing Lights and Colors - Collaborative Exhibition of 4 Artists - Julia Gallery Center, Taipei

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