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Long ago within two hills there was a coqueto populated, the inhabitants lived very happy, from the hills came down crystalline waters forming a beautiful waterfall, finished in a large lake that crossed the village, surrounded by green meadows, roses and lilies stood out with their beautiful colors, trees of all sizes and varieties, Jacaranda, ceibos, almond trees, sneaks and hundreds of precious trees.

In that distant town lived a beautiful eagle, very happy. worker, began his days before sunrise and ended when he was opposing, happily hovered over the tops of the hills, he knew every corner of the beautiful town.

That was the life of the poor eagle, always working and flying over the hills, nobody noticed her because of her lack of time. One day dawned in despair, she just wanted to fly to the branches of an old tree, she had her lost and sad look, her lack of love had broken his heart.

A young kite, a globetrotting stranger, flew over the place, he saw the sad eagle and lay beside it, the world-connoisseur gently saluted, the sad eagle alone looked up to look at him and did not return the salute, the young gallant, I asked kindly what happened to the beautiful eagle, these words I stole a small smile from the sad eagle.

The kite, Insistently asked again.

What happens to you beautiful eagle, you have face of nothing, like who does not want to live more in this world?

The sad eagle smiled again at the young gallant.

I really do not feel very well, I lost the desire to live!

But why that beautiful bird?

What happens is that I want to start a family and nobody looks at me.

I have stood beside you captivated by your beauty.

Would you accept me? Asked the stranger milano, I would feel very honored if you accepted to be my wife.

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And how would you take care of me? What do you have to offer me?

As you know I am a globetrotter, I have known a lot and I have a lot of experience in the hunt, I am strong, I possess very sharp claws that I can kill a big feline and load it without efforts.

If you accept my proposal from today nothing will be missing, from my last hunt I had meat for a month, marry a great cat from the mountain.

But that's a huge animal! He said surprised and with more eagle the eagle.

If it is true it is a big animal! but I have hunted many bigger and heavier felines than that, if you hunt with me, as proof of love I will bring you an animal like the cat of the mount.

The much more animated eagle came back to trust life , it will be the bird that I have been waiting for, if everything is true, it is the ideal bird for my company.

Without much thought I accept the proposal of the young globetrotter and they married the same night < The night was extraordinary, for a long time he had not felt so happy, the young man was the perfect lover, the next morning, woke up from the magical night with a huge famine, the eagle reminded his husband his promise to hunt and bring a great cat from the mountain, he asked to fulfill his promise so she could prepare breakfast.

The stranger got up and left for several hours, after a long time, appeared with an insignificant mouse, the eagle jump from the scare by the stinking mouse.

Is this what you have hunted? You told me that you would bring a cat from the mountain and only have an insignificant mouse!

The eagle reacted with the words of the liar, understood that some are able to lie to get what they want, now I touch her to be deceived.

Moral, in this life you have to take care of the incredible promises or very good, can be a deception, there are those who use them to deceive others. We must learn to discern good people from those liars.

I wait for you tomorrow to enjoy another account of my land Corrientes.

José Luis Fernández, Corrientes Argentina

  • Adam Floyd