Connect with your interior with the help of our exclusive rituals and harmonize your body, mind and spirit. Discover a unique experience that will help you recover peace and relaxation by increasing your vital energy. Before each treatment, our master Reiki therapists use a tool called "bio-tensor" which allows them to choose one of our synergies made with aromatherapy and bach flowers to start the relaxation that will touch your soul. >

Damiana Ritual 100 minutes

A deep relaxation trip includes a full 60-minute body massage, herbal wrap, scalp massage and facial massage.

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Spirit Ritual 90 minutes

An ancestral experience that will make you feel with inner peace and harmony with your being. It includes energetic cleansing, massage with lemons and flower balm, ends with chakra balance.

Vital Neuro Ritual 90 minutes

A relaxing massage that mainly works with the central nervous system, stimulating reflex points in feet and spine. It ends with harmonization of chakras. You will feel refreshed and refreshed.

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Ritual Digito Harmonization 90 minutes

A kit of 7 synergies will be applied to different parts of the body and reflex points in the plant the feet to balance and restore the body's vital energy. Includes body massage, scalp massage and facial massage. You will feel in harmony and renewed.

Relax Muscle Ritual 90 minutes

A relaxing medium to strong pressure muscle massage uses oils and balm flowers, seeds compresses and hot aromatic herbs that relax and oxygenate the main muscles in depth, including lymphatic drainage, facial massage with argan oil.


Facial Spirit 90 minutes

Relaxing anti-aging facial and anti-stress. Includes deep cleansing, deep facial massage, blood pressure and herbal compresses. Your skin will look refreshed, fresh and rejuvenated.

  • Adam Floyd