Apple TV Finally Snags Amazon Prime Video

Rumors of the truce first emerged this past spring, when a report by BuzzFeed revealed that the two firms had come to an agreement that would let users watch Prime videos on their Apple TV devices.

The Seattle-based web giant's popular streaming app made its debut on Apple's living room fixture on Wednesday, signaling a thaw in the testy relationship between the tech giants.

Though Amazon and Apple now appear to be playing nice, it's worth pointing out that Amazon stopped selling the Apple TV in its store back in 2015, precisely due to disagreements over Amazon's iOS app.

Separately, Amazon and Google are engaged in a spat over devices and content: Google blocked access to YouTube videos on Amazon's Echo Show device Tuesday, and said Amazon Fire TV users would be unable to access YouTube starting January 1.

Apple customers have patiently waited for the day when they can watch Amazon originals, like The Grand Tour or Transparent, directly from their streaming device.

Prime Video's arrival on tvOS is likely a sign that Amazon will soon start flogging the Apple TV again.

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Amazon and Apple often bump heads as rivals in streaming video hardware, noted Investor's Business Daily.

Amazon Prime Video is a free download, but requires an Amazon Prime subscription.

Amazon Prime Video support was promised at Apple's WWDC conference in June.

Amazon, for example does not carry Google Home, Chromecast or Nest devices.

The standoff was in the news yesterday as it emerged Google had blocked access to YouTube from the Amazon Echo Show and the Fire TV. An Amazon rep responded that "Google is setting a disappointing precedent by selectively blocking customer access to an open website". We've reached out to Amazon for clarification on this.

  • Desiree Holland