Tractor - Nothing Matters - Medium

Over the last few weeks Tractor -that's my cat's name- and I've traveled together (I promised you: together, forever) about three thousand kilometers.

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Cadiz, Seville, Madrid, Ribadesella, Suances, Santander, Barcelona and Valencia; some of the trips around my gastronomic column for Condé Nast Traveler. Two flights, four airports and two rental cars; several AVEs, regional trains and some other subway cars. Many many hours sitting in some season, my hand on your transportín (thus it smells me, and it calms down); I know it looks like a cage, but it's not: It's your embassy in the world . We have lived unforgettable moments and I have suffered (also) the misunderstanding of so many heartless hotels. Unique moments and also fucked moments - like that time at the boarding gate; I'm on the floor and you're in my arms: Sir, do what you have to do, but do not touch my balls or say another word to me: I do not move from here without my cat ". That's how it was. So many times they ask me if it's worth so much discomfort because of ("fault" they say) of an animal that, well at home: "It's a cat, Terrés: leave it at home with a bowl of water and food for several days." You should not know that life (my life) is infinitely better with you by my side, you illuminate every corner of my grays with all the colors of the world; do not imagine that my heart gives me a twist every time you twine in my lap in the middle of what else will give that road. They do not see that every sacrifice is a gift. They do not see it. They do not feel your heat nor should they suspect the certainty (I have few) without which I no longer know how to live - you are my house. This love; It's my house.

  • Adam Floyd