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Benmore Botanic Garden is a 49-hectare botanical garden located in the Lake Lomond area in Scotland.

This botanical garden is one of the four that make up the RBGE (National Botanic Gardens of Scotland): Edinburgh, Dawyck, Logan and Benmore.

and presents works for the International Agenda for Conservation in Botanic Gardens.

The Benmore Botanic Garden's identification code as a member of the Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) as well as the acronym of its herbarium is E .


This is an Arboretum that benefits from the Gulf Stream, the climate here is mild and humid. Its highest point at the top of Benmore Hill is 137 m (450 ft).

Latitude: 56 2 Length: 4 56 Annual average rainfall: 2000 mm Altitude: 15 meters

Benmore Botanic Garden , Benmore, Argyll, Scotland PA23 8QU United Kingdom

The botanical garden is located on a farm which in 1863 bought Patrick Piers and just a year later began planting the Sequoias that form the avenue of entry of the current botanical garden. This process of plantations was continued by his successors.

A time later, collector George Forrest, between 1904 and 1932, made seven large specimen collection expeditions to western China, constituting a herbarium more than 30 000 specimens and collecting seeds of more than 10 000 species.

At this time the Royal Edinburgh Botanical Garden (RBGE) was looking for busily a place climatically closest to the area of ​​origin of these plants, and appropriate where they can successfully cultivate this huge set of plants.

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This garden has 5421 accessions of live plants with 2641 cultivated taxa.

The plants it houses are grouped as:

Group of Rhododendrons in bloom .

The refurbished greenhouse of ferns.

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