Psalm 139

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Psalm 139 - See comment

Omnipresence and Omniscience of God

139 is the omniscience and omnipresence of God. The psalmist acknowledges that God is present everywhere; which is not only omnipotent but also omniscient. It is he who forms man from the shade, and therefore he can not escape from his presence. The expressions of this psalm resemble those of the book of Job. The rhythmic structure is regular. The psalm consists of four verses, each of which has six verses.

The first section (verses 1-6) deals with the omniscience of God; 12), of his omnipresence.
The third (verses 13-18) presents the reason why the poet is fully convinced of these truths.-In the last stanza (verses 19-24) the psalmist change the subject and express his disapproval of the conduct of the wicked.
Then concludes with a prayer that he himself is in harmony with God, whom he asks to guide him along the path of eternal life.

The Lord searches the minds of all (Jeremiah 17:10), and is the only one who knows what is in it. Many times people ignore their true condition.

There is no word.

"I still have not the word on the tongue, and you, Lord, . Everything is manifest and transparent before God.

It is impossible for us to escape the presence of God.

The knowledge of God surpasses our limited mind. Spirit.

In this question of yours the psalmist does not imply that he wishes to escape the Spirit of God, but that there is no place in the vast universe where the presence of the divine Spirit does not feel. > Heb. she'ol (cf. Prov 15:11).

The wings of the dawn.

Cf. Ps 18: 10; Mal. 4: 2. It is represented at dawn, which spreads quickly through the sky, as if it had wings.

It is impossible to hide from God in the darkness. Those who believe that they can perform their evil work at night, without God seeing them, are mistaken. Darkness can hide from mortals, but not from God.

Heb. qanah, "" to create "" (cf. Gen. 14:19, 22, Exodus 15:16, Deuteronomy 32: 6).

Heb. "kidneys". It certainly refers to the set of organs.

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Heb. sakak, "weave", "form".

Wonderful are your works.

There is not much certainty as to the exact translation of this verse. The LXX translates: "I will praise you because you are so wonderful." Other old versions translate in a similar way. Hebrew seems to support translations like that of the RVR, for the psalmist gives the impression that he recognizes the wonders of the human body (see Ed 197, CRA 184, 543). The great modern progress of medical science has revealed many wonders of the human organism, which were unknown for long centuries. Just as a great artist does not exhibit his painting until it is complete, God does not lift the veil of human existence until the new life is perfect in its symmetry and beautiful in its form.

Interwoven in the deepest of the earth.

Allusion to fetal development in the womb . As the architect draws the blueprints and draws the specifications for a new dwelling, God also determines what each individual must be before the latter sees the light of day. It is up to each one to decide whether to follow the divine design or not.

A sudden transition. The psalmist turns his attention to the presence of evil in the world. For him, sin is closely bound up with the sinner, so that his request for the cessation of evil is expressed in words that condemn the sinner.

It reflects a deep sense of righteous indignation against evil. Those who love God should hate evil with as much fervor as they love what is good and true.

Once again the sincere heart is presented before the eyes of a merciful God (verse 1).

Only God, who knows our innermost thoughts, can guide us safely. We all need the infallible Guide.

Psalm 139 - Translation in current language (TLB) - My God, you know me

PSALM 139 (138)

Anthem of David

1 My God,
You know me very well

You know all about me!
You know when I sit and when I get up; > Even if it's far from you,
you read my thoughts!
3 You know what I do
and what I do not do,
there's nothing you do not know! I said nothing, and you already know what I'll say.
5 You've got me completely surrounded;
I'm under your control!
6 I can not understand your admirable knowledge!
It's out of my reach!

7 I could never get away from your spirit, or try to run away from you! climb to the sky,
there I would find you,
if I went down to the depths of the earth,
also there I would find you.
9-10 If I fly east, I would guide; if I stayed to live in the west, If you want me to go out

to hide in the dark,
it would not do any good!
12 For you there is no difference. > Between the darkness and the light!
For you, until the night
shines like the light of the sun!

19 My God, how would I want the murderers
to take them away from me!
How I wish you would take their lives!
20 For no reason, speak evil of you and against you.
21 My God, I hate those who hate you,
I hate those who reject you.
22 I hate you deeply My enemies are my enemies!

23 My God, look into the depths of my heart, and test my thoughts.
24 Tell me if my behavior does not please you ,
and teach me to live
how you want me to live.

  • Adam Floyd