SE.04 / 21 ARCHITECTURE AND THEATER: ESTORNINO Date: Tuesday 28.04.2015, 19.00hrs. Place: Trespa Design Center Draw of the book GG: Animated Animals by Rodchenko and Cocktail sponsored by Trespa.

THE ESTORNINO It is a noisy bird in gregarious situations, and has a varied song but little musical. His impressive ability to imitate and learn the sounds of his surroundings, his true talent for vocal imitation has been noted in literary works of Pliny the Elder and William Shakespeare and closer to us Godofredo Iommi in his poem Starlings:

and precise the ship. "

The starling is also the most accurate air formation in the squadron of nature. Each starling pays attention to its seven neighboring starlings in order to continue their movements, creating masses that distract the attention of their main predator, the peregrine falcon that can not focus on a single bird, should seek other prey.

The starling is an actor, but also an architect.

Both imitate what they observe, they construct in team a body that seems unique, like the building, building, being individual, builds a larger body: the city.

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Ma. Pilar Pinchart Saavedra

Responsible for the Cycle.

Photographs of the event (Archive, organizing team)

MANUEL SANFUENTES is a poet, currently a lecturer in the American Workshop of the School of Architecture of the U. Católica de Valparaíso, where he was called Graphic Designer, his graphic work includes the design of a considerable number of editorial projects. ÉS GARCÉS is an Architect by the UCV and professor of Projects Workshop in the same school, his professional career includes Master Plans for the revitalization of Neighborhoods, Projects of Architecture and Urban Parks, and is Head of Projects in the Department of Technical Assistance of the EAD, UCV, in charge of the Las Vegas Park Project in Calama, 27F earthquake reconstruction projects, 127 homes with patrimonial value for the community of Chanco and VIlla Alegre in the Region of Talca and the Project Mining Museum and Cultural Park of Calama. In stage space, he has performed scenographies for Opera, Dance, Theater and Music.

MARTÍN ERAZO is the Chilean theater, actor and singer director, director of La Patogallina singer in the bands La Patogallina Saunmachin and Patricio Cobarde.

He graduated from the La Mancha Theater School, International School of Gesture and Image, Santiago de Chile. He was nominated for the Altazor Awards for the work inspired by the film called The Hussar of Death (played by Pato Pimienta), with which he has traveled throughout Europe, Latin America and India. He also directed the documentary Guerrero invisible, selected and presented in 2010 by Manu Chao at the Guadalajara International Film Festival. He was also cofounder and co-director of the street interventions company Teatro del Sonido and co-director of the first Chilean street theater festival, FITKA.

In addition to his work as an architect, he dedicates part of his free time to painting, sculpture, photography and theater, obtaining prizes and mentions in various competitions of architecture, painting, photography and sculpture.

FERNANDO OCAMPO Architect titled with maximum distinction by the UAB (Chile) and the Universidad del Valle de México (Mexico). He completed postgraduate studies in Theater Direction at the University of Chile. He studied dramaturgy at the Centro de Investigación Teatro La Memoria Theater. Fernando Ocampo founded MOODLAB in 2011.

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