29 furniture made with pallets but does not look like it - The voice of the wall

The world of design is always evolving. On many occasions he relies on the construction of elements using new materials that give rise to chairs of impossible shapes or tables that seem to be drawn from any futuristic film.

But like everything in this life, in the There are a number of paths to design in the field of design, and each one is free to choose the one he likes most.

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The current DIY (the acronym in English for Do It Yourself or Do It Yourself) is always very close to recycling and reuse.

On previous occasions we have seen how you can build very decent elements for our day to day with this material and We have even provided you with the blueprints to make it even easier. Today you will see 29 ideas with pallets that can inspire you to create your own designs or, simply, make a similar piece of furniture.


List of purchases, receipts, letters, and even photos, with this invention to have everything at hand

Add a forge bar to your pallets and you already have a towel rack

The perfect bed where to dream with the little angels

What better than to read a good book sitting on this garden bench, that if, remember to put a cushion

These furniture will give a rustic and very natural look to your home , combine them with some element of bright or striking color and you will have a totally design environment.

Hang your coats, scarves and hats in this fantastic perchero

Coffee table? as cool as this

Or this, with a pair of crystals and wheels, looks great

Some of the designs that we see in the photos are a little more complicated and some simpler ones, well, each one chooses the level of complexity that wants to face but remember, without suffering there is no glory.

This wall will give a rustic touch to your room for very little money

Colorful flower gardens for colorful flowers

Your children can become independent much earlier with this pallet house

And if you ride this kitchen I will not even tell you

Do you have a fashion shop? perfect, a few stacked pallets and you already have it decorated

With the money that you will save in this shoe cabinet you can buy an air freshener and put it inside

This shower is ideal for take out the salt and sand of the body after a hard day of surfing

Maybe in the area that you live there is no beach, it is the same, if you have a patio you will be able to cool beautifully with this shower. Now in the summer you will be able to enjoy these hot evenings.

Possibly this is the best value-priced furniture you can have on your terrace

The hammocks sometimes they give a little back pain but this hanging bed we assure you that it will keep you in the perfect position

There is no excuse for not having ordered the dvd, the console and the bottles of wine. All in one

Another nice and cheap good planter

This path made with the pallet woods is better than any red carpet you can ever step on

Other wall for the head of your bed, is with a more southern touch

What better for this flower than a frame like the one you can make yourself.

Source: Pallet Furniture DIY

  • Adam Floyd