10 tattoos for women's back and its meaning

Tattoos are becoming increasingly accepted within society, although there are still people who prefer to stay out on the subject. If you are one of the girls who love tattoos but still hesitate to become one so visible, maybe you should consider doing it in a discreet place, for example: the back.

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The back is one of the best places to getting a tattoo, the pain is less than in other areas, clear unless you do it on the spine; is discreet and you can cover easily, is super sexy and the care you must have with him are basic, because the back is not a very exposed area. If you are still not convinced to get a tattoo on your back, here are 10 tattoo ideas with their meaning.

1. Arrow

Arrows have been used as weapons for thousands of years, for it's meaning is related to protection. It is a symbol that represents protection and protection before everything that can hurt us. The arrows are always thrown forward, which also means that you must always go forward. In Chinese culture, this tattoo means knowledge.

2. Lotus Flower

The lotus flower is a symbol with a lot of meaning, mainly in Asian culture. This flower usually appears in humid areas where there is much mud, but as it develops it leaves the mud to expose itself on the surface like one of the most beautiful flowers; therefore, the meaning of the lotus tattoo has to do with life, purity and resurrection both spiritually and earthly.

3. Tree of Life

There are a variety of trees that you can tattoo, and each one has a different message. But, in general, this type of tattoo symbolizes life. Trees have roots and are leafy and represent the experience, maturity and strength of the human being.

  • Adam Floyd