Indian authorities jail donkeys for eating expensive plants

Instead of providing security to citizens and arresting criminals, the police department is busy doing the "donkey work", literally. The incident happened at the Urail jail, were the eight donkeys had been in lock-up for four days.

The crime of the donkeys was a costly one for they destroyed expensive plants outside the jail compound, NDTV reports.

In a state where the police machinery was previously put into action to locate a minister's missing buffalos, the donkeys failed to get any political backing for four days before a local politician came to the rescue and posted the bail amount.

When Kamlesh found out his donkeys were being held in prison, he pleaded for their release - but was denied.

Yes, the UP police on Tuesday tweeted stating that it "has nothing to do with their (donkeys) arrest or custody".

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A herd of donkeys in Uttar Pradesh's Jalaun district were recently put behind bars for allegedly committing the "crime" of feasting on expensive plants outside Ural jail here.

They had reportedly munched their way through 500,000 Indian ruppees (around £5,800) worth of plants left outside.

"The animals not only ate plants, they ruined the entire garden and injured the children of the colony", jail superintendent Sitaram Sharma told PTI.

The donkeys' owner has a different version to share with the media.

Kamlesh, then, approached police with his request to let the animals go free but the officials refused to release the donkeys for four days.

  • Adam Floyd