Missing Teen Caught Trying To Enter Canada After Grandmother's Body Believed Found

CBS News reports that 15-year-old Logan Mott, of Neptune Beach, and his grandmother, Kristina French, 53, were reported missing after they failed to pick his father and his father's girlfriend up from the airport on Wednesday.

"The burial site was excavated today and human remains were located".

Logan's father also said that several guns were missing from the ransacked home, according to ABC affiliate WJXX.

At this point, JSO says 15-year-old Logan Mott is still missing, as is the silver Dodge Dart.

Jacksonville police said Mott and his grandmother disappeared Wednesday.

"We have video surveillance of an individual we believe to be Logan Mott, with what we believe to be the auto that's missing in this case, in south central Pennsylvania yesterday at 1:15 pm", says Lendvay.

Officials announced Mott had been wanted for auto theft and was a person of interest in his grandmother's death, saying he was considered 'armed and unsafe'.

Logan Mott 15 is a person of interest after police found the body of his grandmother Kristina French, 53 in the backyard of the Neptune Beach Florida home where both of them were repoted missing. Mott was detained trying to cross the borde

Person of interest and grandmother.

According to Jacksonville Sheriff's Office director Ron Lendvay, the Neptune Beach Police Department and the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office began an investigation and determined that "possible criminal violence" occurred inside the home.

A teen in Florida who went missing this week and was wanted by police in connection with the death of his grandmother was detained on Friday, Nov. 24-after he was caught trying to enter Canada near Buffalo, New York.

Mott's guns were reported missing from a gun safe.

In a statement to "Good Morning America" she said she was "relieved" to have her son safe and requested time for authorities to look into the death of French. That no matter what, Logan is our child and we love him and are standing by him to help in any way. Her weapons were gone, as was her Dodge Dart.

"Logan has so many friends and family that are desperate to hear from him", she said.

Stay with First Coast News as this story develops. She said the last time she spoke to him was on Sunday night. A big thank you to everyone for sharing and helping us get #LoganMott detained quickly. Carrie Campbell-Mott, said Logan has had some has had trouble adjusting in recent months after transferring away from Middle School and entering High School.

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