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Gabriela's vertical garden pots seem to float in the air. A donkey to hang clothes gave him the inspiration to find a solution to his desires. We had these words:

I used to live in a garden with a bass, and when I moved I did not want to stop having my plants: the normal ones and those of my Huertobaby hydroponic crop. After seeing several options, I fell in love with the vertical gardens that are put on the wall, but the ones I saw were quite expensive, plus there is a risk of moisture on the walls or damage by weight and I would not solve the orchard. Then it occurred to me to make this hanging garden with a rail with RIGGA stand, eight SOCKER flowerpots, a pretty hardware chain and wire for joints.
All I did was to join the planters in rows and suspend them from the rail. In the flower pots I put the ground plants and in the support below I pasted the little pots of huertobaby flower pots, which are heavy by the nutritive solution, and thus killed two birds with a single shot. If you do not have it, you can use it for larger plants, or put a third pot in the row. As the rail has wheels, I can move it and turn it to take care of the plants, put them in front of the window to bring sun, or against a wall. The space it occupies is minimal and everything for less than 30 euros.

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  • Adam Floyd