Trump, Tiger and DJ To Play Golf Together In Florida

President Donald Trump laid out a busy morning schedule Friday that includes golf with Tiger Woods and talks with Turkey.

The President will host the pro golfers at his own course, located less than a half-hour drive from his Mar-a-Lago resort, where he spent Thanksgiving.

President Donald Trump continues to tweet and comment on high-profile sports issues.

He has previously used the $6tn figure to describe U.S. spending on Middle East conflicts, though fact checkers have said the number falls on the high end of estimates and includes future costs, such as medical care for veterans, disability benefits and expenditure on nation-building projects. "Then back to Mar-a-Lago for talks on bringing even more jobs and companies back to the US!"

According to Politifact, Trump teed off 35 times between the day he took office and November 13, while Obama had golfed 24 times at the same point in his presidency. Currently, Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, slated to hold the 2022 PGA Championship. Here's a picture of Tiger with the then president-elect on December 23, 2016.

President Trump's pledge to play golf "quickly" is a possible jab at his detractors, who often accuse him of playing too much golf. Trump tweeted more than 25 times about his predecessors golfing habits from 2012 through 2016.

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And Spencer said: "There's no such thing as "quick golf".

Trump would not have a low-key day, the White House insisted.

Trump and Woods have been close throughout the years.

Obama in two terms played golf 333 times, according to CBS White House Correspondent Mark Knoller, who tracked Obama's games.

After the correction was made, Trump golfed at his Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach.

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