Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems in Belize

The aquaculture industry in Belize was established in 1982 with the development by a private company in the southern part of the country of about 4 ha of experimental ponds. This initiative was designed to test certain primary production functions of marine shrimp (Penaeus vannamei), such as growth rate, survival and feed conversion rates (TCA).

The aquaculture industry is essentially for the production of Pacific White Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei). Aquaculture in Belize has expanded in volume and value more rapidly than fishery production, rather than livestock, livestock and agro-industrial production.

There are about a dozen shrimp farms with a production area of ​​about 2700 there are with various systems. Some semi-intensive systems use planting densities of 25 PL / m2 and produce about 2 tm / ha / harvest, with a single crop cycle lasting up to nine months with a single seed planting, followed by a series of three or four intermittent harvests, and a final harvest of animals of 20 to 25 g. Other semi-intensive systems sow at a lower density, 12 PL / m2, and obtain about 1,200 kg / ha / harvest, with two annual cycles, each of 4-5 months and with animals of 15-18g. There are also intensive systems that sow about 60 PL / m2 or more, and harvest 5 tm / cycle shrimp of 15-18 g. Finally, the super-intensive systems plant & gt; 120 PL / m2 and harvest 10 tm or more shrimp of 15-18 g. The last two systems use mechanical aeration.

The Brewhouse Reopens After Fire
The Brewhouse Reopens After Fire Sep 01 2017

The production of shrimp cultivated for 2008 was about 6500 mt.

Recently there has been much interest in diversifying aquaculture to marine fish species in marine cages. Several private companies have started operations with species such as cobia (Rachycentron canadum) and Florida branch (Trachinotus carolinus).

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