New Pixel Launcher update brings newer features to first generation Pixel smartphones

Google recently rolled out some updates for its new-launched Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 smartphones, fixing some of the major issues.

Previously, the Pixel smartphones did a simple prediction on the battery consumption as well as performance but the same was often incorrect. Michelle, the product manager from Google's NYC office, says that this prediction is not always accurate. So, if you are a Pixel or Pixel 2 user, in all likelihood your phone already has the feature. It's called "Smart Battery", and it aims to provide Pixel users with personalized battery life estimates.

The new trait is aimed at Pixel users for nowadays, but we can expect it to dribble down to more Android appliances in the prospect. So this is what the Smart Battery does, it uses relativity to populate battery estimate.

Google has included a new battery highlight for Pixel a consumer, that is argued to craft precise battery time prophecies. If you used a certain amount of battery life in a given hour, the estimate used that to guess your usage through the day. Then, it will develop an understanding of usage patterns on similar days and times.

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The Pixel smartphone users can get to know the battery life estimations by heading on to Battery under the Settings menu.

"To fix this, we built an on-device model that evaluates how you use your phone's battery over time". The personalised estimate is usually found under the "Battery" section. When you tap the battery, you'll be able to see the advanced battery usage data and the new estimate numbers.

Long-pressing the Battery icon displays "Advanced battery usage", which shows a graph of estimated battery life, including the number of hours since it was fully charged and hours before the battery will be fully depleted.

  • Desiree Holland