RAFAGARCIARODRIGUEZ4: activity 26.el Impressionism.


It is applied in different arts such as music and literature, its most known slope, and that which was the precursor, is Impressionist painting. The Impressionist plastic movement developed from the second half of the nineteenth century onwards in Europe - mainly in France - characterized, in broad strokes, by the attempt to shape the light (the visual "impression") and the instant, without identity of that which projected it. That is, if their ancestors painted forms with identity, the Impressionists will paint the moment of light, beyond the forms that underlie it. 2.PEGA SEVERAL IMPRESSIONIST WORKS "Pond of Water Lilies" Monet moved in 1883 to a house in Giverny , in the northeast of France >, and lived there the rest of his life. His garden was the main source of his inspiration during all those years, and in 1893 he expanded it with the purchase of a neighboring land in which there was a pond. Here he painted his famous water garden. This is one of the 18 paintings that correspond to the last series of Monet. in which the Japanese arched bridge, which he built on the pond of water flowers, is the central motif.

"Bridge of Waterloo" 1899

Claude Monet

Claude Monet (1840-1926) ) is the impressionist par excellence, and as such, his world is a stimulating beauty. Monet's style, as in other Impressionists, was characterized by light, color palette and occasional application of unmixed paint directly on the canvas prepared with a pure white coating. This surface increased the luminosity of each color and increased the broken and uncorrupted appearance of the painting.

Camille Corot

Édouard Manet

4 Choose a work and comment.

1. ANALYSIS OF THE WORK: has a very good impressionist technique of combined drawing of colors where it recognizes very beautiful colors types of nature.

a) Material and technique used: This painting is made to the oleò on canvas with a lot of variety of colors as specified in the previous part ... it reflects the whole nature itself.

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b ) Drawing and color: Draw on canvas in a variety of colors, the bridge with much green of nature of your house, that is, your garden.

c) Representation of light. : The light is clearer and more external is a landscape of a garden, with much clarity at the time of sewing the canvas.

d) Composition: It is distributed in several flowers, and shrubs with a variety of green, with a bridge and running water.

e) Treatment of motifs, especially of the human figure: There is no figure human, only variety of what is a garden.

f) Representation of three-dimensional space l It is represented by a river, a bridge, and its surroundings, a variety of trees, oaks, jaramagos and shrubs.

g) Theme and meaning: a very significant value for the author of the painting since it is about his garden a presiocidad, that as said before varies much nature in these gardens and is reflected.

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