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Protectionists denounced a massive massacre in Chubut. The group spread through the networks that several animals were homeless, communicated with people interested in incorporating them into their family and learned from a photo that the creatures were killed and thrown in a landfill. THE IMAGES CAN HURT YOUR SENSITIVITY.

The organization "Animalists Sarmiento de Chubut" reported a massive slaughter of dogs in the town of Sarmiento. The members of the group reported that animals were captured by Bromatología de Sarmiento and accused of massacring them indiscriminately.

The organization reported that the adoption publication had a lot of impact and many people communicated to adopt the animals. However, from Bromatology they were told that they were all adopted.

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Members suspected but preferred to believe. Then there was a photo showing that all the dogs were dead.

"With eyes full of tears and a scolding that makes you want to leave everything. All weekend replying messages from people of good heart that they were going to give the possibility to some dog of those who were locked in Bromatology. "

" Yesterday, when they went to look for one, they were told they had all been adopted. But one from his good side tries to think that this was really so.And today I find out that they were all dead and thrown in the garbage dump.What are we playing.?It makes me want to throw everything and lower my arms, not I'm going to do it, they were angels who could have been given a chance, but no, it was easier to KILL them all. They are murderers and they kill them. "

  • Adam Floyd