When the Divine Caste, by Alicia Spinner - The pieces of my story.

For the baptism of Amparo, Marta had to help prepare the dishes of the rose, as it was called in the house of the Novelo Port to the first complete porcelain tableware Limoges that Rita had acquired in Paris. When they told Marta what she had to do, she thought it would be a simple job, but the poor never imagined how much work she would take.

Rita bought the pink tableware from the Touze company of the ceramist Pierre-Leon Sazerat, Limoges, France. After being an apprentice for many years, Sazerat took over the Touze factory since 1852. He joined a few years with Alpinen Margaine and later with his clay supplier, Pierre Blondeau. Sazerat died in 1906 and by that time his designs and his mark were already well-known.

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The pink tableware had gold edges and hand-painted small bouquets of pink and violet flowers with spring tones. >

Years later, for the marriage of Amparo was Marta herself who was in charge of preparing the dishes as well. This time, green would be used. Since Rita had acquired the green, the pink was used for the newspaper. There were more than a hundred dishes of each type, all set in piles in the kitchen.

And now the green was used for special occasions and the one in the cabinet. It had Rita's monogram and consisted of many more pieces to serve. Plates of all sizes and for all uses. For fish, for oysters, for desserts, for sauces ...

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