To become vegetarian

Why do people become vegetarians?

Vegetarianism, in most parts of the world, is a matter of economy: Meat costs much more than, say, rice and beans. Therefore, the meat becomes a dish that is eaten on a special occasion (or never). Even in places where there is plenty of meat, it is consumed in moderation, providing a complement of food rather than a central dish.

In countries like the United States, where meat is not expensive, People decide to be vegetarian for other reasons. Among the reasons to be vegetarian are parent preferences, religious motives, or other beliefs, or health issues. Many people choose to be vegetarian because they are concerned about animal rights or the environment. And many people have more than one reason to become a vegetarian.

Vegetarian and semi-vegetarian diets

People follow different forms of vegetarianism. An authentic vegetarian does not eat any type of red meat, fish or chicken. A ovolactovegetarian eats dairy products and eggs, but does not eat red meat, fish and poultry. There is also the lacto-vegetarian who eats dairy products but does not eat eggs, while the ovovegetarians eat eggs but do not consume dairy products.

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The strictest is the vegan . In the vegan diet not only do eggs and dairy products but also products of animal origin, such as honey and gelatine, are eliminated.

Some macrobiotic diets enter category of vegans. Macrobiotic diets not only restrict the consumption of animal products. They also exclude processed and refined foods, foods with preservatives and those containing caffeine and other stimulants.

Some foods that appear to be vegan are not. Most cheeses are made with a product derived from animals called "rennet". Other ingredients found in foods that appear to be vegetarian are gelatine, which is made from meat products, and enzymes, which usually come from animals.

semivegetarian and eat some fish, or birds, as part of a diet that consists mainly of vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, seeds and nuts. A Pescetarian eats fish but does not eat birds.

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