National Football League should suspend Oakland Raiders' Marshawn Lynch

After the trio returned to the U.S., Ball's son thanked Trump, but his father didn't see the point in giving Trump credit. He wrote "next time National Football League should suspend him for remainder of season".

Tucker Carlson said Oakland Raiders back Marshawn Lynch acted in a "grotesque" manner when he stood for the Mexican National Anthem but sat for the Star-Spangled banner.

Several have noted that while Lynch was standing during the Mexican anthem, he wasn't paying full attention.

"That's insane", he said of Lynch's actions.

During an NFL game last month at Wembley Stadium in London, three players from the Miami Dolphins "took the knee" during the USA national anthem, but rose for God Save the Queen.

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Mr. Trump was quick to blast Lynch on Twitter, calling it "great disrespect!"

Trump took to Twitter Monday morning to call out Lynch for standing during the Mexican national anthem and sitting during the United States national anthem at a game against the New England Patriots in Mexico City on Sunday.

Fellow NFL player Colin Kaepernick started the practice past year, as a means of protesting police treatment of black Americans. Trump told SI in September 2015, "I bid a billion dollars, all cash on the table".

After a flurry of public comments on the issue, however, Mr Trump appeared to hold back this month. The elder Mr Ball, however, dismissed the President's role in comments made to ESPN. Recently, he traveled to China to visit President Xi Jinping to discuss a myriad of topics that impact both countries. Trump wrote in a tweet. [Pegula] bought it for a billion-two, I believe, although they say it was a billion-four.

  • Adam Floyd