Centralamericanto Fest

Documentary by Tania Romero

30 minutes. Written and Directed by: Tania Romero Cinematography: Tania Romero Editing: Roberto G. Hernandez and Tania Romero Sound: Francisco: Mark Wilson Producers: Tania Romero and Karli Gaitan Morales © Tania Romero Nicaraguan cinema persists despite a film industry model. The documentary, "Even with their nails: Women Filmmakers of Nicaragua," shows the important work achieved by many women filmmakers who trained under INCINE (1979-1990), the only film institute ever established in the country. The increase of women in media production continues to transform the contemporary national cinema and is a unique phenomenon in Central America. The documentary shows the trajectory of these filmmakers and how they have managed to preserve the socio-cultural history through their works, and have managed to keep film production despite the many challenges and underfunding. The documentary includes interviews with some of the 'mothers of Nicaraguan cinema': Maria Jose Alvarez, Martha Clarissa Hernandez, Kathy Sevilla, Brenda Martinez, Florence Jaugey, and Rossana Lacayo. It also includes interviews with audiovisual production teacher Belkis Ramirez, and the new wave of filmmakers Rebecca Arcia, Heydi Salazar, Laura Baumeister, and Pearl Briceño.

The Offended

Documentary by Marcela Zamora

"The Offended"

Documentary film Country: El Salvador, Mexico Time: 85 minutes. Written and directed by Marcela Zamora Editing: Andrea Bilbao Photography: Alvaro Rodríguez Sound: Paolo Hasbun Production: Julio Lopez Fernandez Post Production: Argos and Caravan © A Production of El Faro and Kino Glasen, co production with Argos and Carvana. With the support of ICCOS Cooperation and Kingdom of the Netherlands.

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