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Do you remember our trip to Peru? Do you remember the excursion to Nazca? I remember that we were very impressed ... not only by the famous Nazca lines, but also by the dry and desert landscape.

Today, searching for information on the Internet for a job for my Art class, I found a video with a traditional Nazca story.

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It is called "The Hummingbird and the Rain". It is a story based on the Nazca culture. In this story, the earth is dry for lack of rain. Colibri chicks are thirsty. Pachamama, mother nature, helps Hummingbird to provoke the rains so that their chicks can drink. The story and the music are very cute. In addition, the characters in the video are represented by images of ceramic vessels made by the Nazca culture.

Do you remember the vessels that we bought in the market when we were in Nazca? I remember how much we liked the visit to the workshop of crafts and all the precious and multicolored vessels with different drawings like flowers, fruits, birds, animals and insects, mythological characters, human ...

Look at the story in this link, Surely you also bring back memories of those holidays traveling through Peru!

  • Adam Floyd