Driver with 'F-Trump' sticker adds local sheriff to truck display

Nehls is expected to release a statement regarding the press conference and the post on Monday, the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office said.

The sheriff published a post about the "F-Trump" sticker on Facebook.

He asked for tips on the identity of the truck's owner and said he would "like to discuss it" with the owner. It turned out the owner, Karen Fonseca, had an outstanding felony warrant for fraud.

In Fort Bend County, Texas, the debate over free speech has come down to a now-infamous bumper sticker: "FUCK TRUMP AND FUCK YOU FOR VOTING FOR HIM".

She added a profane message against Nehls, whom she previously worked with at the Fort Bend County jail, after her arrest related to a 2015 investigation into alleged fraudulent possession or use of identifying information. Fonseca told KPRC 2 the same day that she had no desire to talk to the sheriff.

In the post, Nehls said he had consulted with prosecutors and the driver would be hit with charges for disorderly conduct if a modification wasn't made. "F (expletive) Troy Nehls and f (expletive) you for voting for him". "We had been thinking about it and deciding that Troy Nehls didn't think twice when he put the Facebook post up and exposed me and my family".

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Fonesca shared an updated photograph to Facebook of her truck on Sunday, which showed the new Nehls sticker and another one, which simply said, "YEAH.".

She placed the slightly smaller decal to the right of the anti-Trump sticker.

"A lot of females say I wish I had the balls to do that", she said. "We should stand together and always stand behind what [we] believe", Fronseca said.

But she didn't back down, and now she's further exercise her right to free speech-and the generous canvas of her truck's windows-with a new decal for the haters and losers.

The sheriff later backed down after District Attorney John Healey said he didn't think it would have been a prosecutable case. Fonseca also spoke with her children behind her. For just $9.99 anyone wishing to test how easily their message can slip under the radar and even for those who aren't fans of bright red, the "F**k Trump" Baseball Cap comes in many different colors.

The comment sparked outrage and backlash, with the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas issuing its own warning, reminding Nehls' about the First Amendment.

  • Adam Floyd