Photo Blog of Nacho San Miguel: Ornamental trees of Alicante- Arbol del amor.

Also called Cercis, Judas Tree, Judean Tree, Ciclamor, Locust Carob ; its scientific name Cercis siliquastrum L. indicates the shape of its fruit and flowers ('Cercis' in Greek means navecilla) and its resemblance to those of the algarrobo ('siliqua' with the suffix '-astrum' 'which indicates its imperfect resemblance), the noble Castilian of tree of love comes from the heart-shaped form of its leaves and the rose of its flowers. The name of the tree of Judah indicates its origin, while that of the tree of judas originates from the popular belief that Judas hanged himself on one of these trees.

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This is a deciduous tree of the family fabaceae with origin in the near east and south of Europe. They can reach between 6 and 12 meters. The leaves are green glaucous, with a heart-shaped shape. It has a graceful rose-pink flowering from April to May along the branches and before the leaves sprout, once the flowers dry, they remain in the tree for a long time.

The fruits have properties astringents, while young flowers and flower buds can be used in salads.

  • Adam Floyd