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Without hesitation, I can say that one of the mythical shows in all of rtve's history has been "The Crystal Ball". Perfect lighting, magnificent decorations, unique design, brilliant scripts, efficient production, spectacular achievement, prudent management ... a program made by the "best" rtve team, was their initial credit. I really felt the desire that all that team, led by Lolo Rico, put in each and every one of the programs of La Bola. According to some the program has been mythologized, according to others it was a program too modern for its time, according to those of beyond it was a pre-modern program. What is clear is that it has passed to the annals of the history of television in Spain, either for its quality, for the specific moment of its broadcast that spanned from 1984 to 1988 or because at some point, each and every one of which we watched the program (and we were a few) we were reflected in one way or another on television. Santiago Auserón, Pedro Reyes, Pablo Carbonell, Kiko Veneno or Alaska accompanied us every Saturday morning from 09.30 h with diversity of contents. Contents that completed the electroduendes (The Witch Avería, Sonoro, Cámara, La Bruja Truca and El Hada Video) and Javier Gurrachaga with his "quarto" in the last strip of the program towards noon. His soundtrack, headed by the "Abracadabra" that Olvido Gara sings and that had composed José María Cano, full of good songs and performed by singers and groups very in vogue at that time make of it, one of the most quoted in the fairs of discs. One of the songs included in this soundtrack is "Witches of yesterday" also known as "Slave of evil". Composed by the Berlanga-Canut tandem, it was released as a promotional single and recorded on videotape for broadcast on the show.

  • Adam Floyd