Birth The arrival of psychedelic rock, mainly brought by immigrant-invaders and protestant US school groups, which in Japan created a new musical style, from this social neglect, but with some modifications, was which became generalized into a musical subgenre. A clearer example is the image of people who appeared to be healthy and healthy and who denoted the exponents of this new musical genre in their debut in the mid 60's in Japan, but are completely the opposite of the image of European cultural rockers (that mainly gave image of careless, drug addicts, etc. although it is not the true theory). However in spite of this the genre of music was practically copy of the main famous rockers worldwide. Outstanding artists of this era are Keiji Haino, The Golden Cups or The Tempters. Evolution In the 70's began to appear the first autochthonous artists, adopting the forms that came from the rock of the outside and adapting it to their own roots. At this time the first singers who wrote the lyrics of their songs, and reached great popularity interpreters like Kazuki Tomokawa and Kan Mikami. Also in this era began to appear Japanese exponents of the emergent genre of the United Kingdom known like progressive rock . Some artists like After Dinner and Cosmos Factory triumphed in this category.

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