All great changes are preceded by chaos

And as if a short circuit was Brian opens his eyes wide and stunned by the blow of my words, a spark of hope escapes his hard type shell.

"See dead" I continue, as if that were the last breath of air available in my lungs.

Despondent turns and leaves. Lentas spend the hours in this filthy, moist dung, Seven will soon arrive. A close of eyes and ...

"It is a Saturday morning, the sun shines from my window through which a soft breeze smells spring. The radio sounds Oasis and its Wonderwall, a classic. "Damn Tenesse, I did not have enough to send us the wording on the reproduction of amoebas and other amphibians that has given us a test for tomorrow. Damn you, I hate you, "I thought as my mother burst into my room.

"Brit, someone has come to see you"

Great, sure it was James, but ... One moment, had not he stayed with him at twelve thirty? It was nine o'clock. Maybe he came from splicing with churros, he told me that yesterday he was leaving. I went to the hall and there was no one, but the main entrance door was open, so I went out to the landing, and there he was, sitting on the stairs, Brian. "I already said that this plague could only come from a person," I mumbled as I covered my nose with my right hand and with my left showed that it dissipated the smell.

"How funny you got up today, did not you?" he said with a playful tone.

I smiled with self-sufficiency and boldness. Proud of being so stale. The thing is, I was just passing by here and ... "Brian continued as he got up and slowly approached me.

"I'm not interested in your life. Not at all. What do you want? "I cut him in a blunt tone as he smiled and pointed his finger so that he would remain still where he was.

"Look, I've got the car down badly parked so I'll be brief. I was going to go to the cliff of Tres Aguas to do bungee jumping and I was struck by the idea that someone like you, so brave, with so much nose and cockiness, would not dare give me a no for an answer. "

I was trying.

"I have an exam the day after tomorrow, I can not. I'm sorry, "I said, humming as I started to close the door in my face." Oh! What smells so bad is you? And to think that you would be the only girl in the city who would not tell me not for fear that I would end up throwing her panties of hearts and unicorns in the trash, but I see that ... You are like all of them. "And while he smiled, as if the thing was not with him and started down the stairs. "Bye bye girl"

I started to close the door while I looked at the horizon, that idiot had played me, I had left as a coward. Argh! What a rage! Impulsive as I alone opened the door and just when I was ready to start screaming I saw that Brian was in front of the door.

"I'll take that as a yes" said mockingly with a smile from ear to ear anticipating my future verbiage of bad words. "5 minutes, I'll wait you down. Do not delay. "And he continued with the march.

I put on sports shoes, and I went down. I was waiting in a Red Panda Seat 98. I got in the car without looking at him.

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"Come on Brit, do not get too hard and admit that you were dying to see me," he said very sure of himself.

"Do not project your wishes on my" sentenced while looking at the road "Also, because of your failure to suspend the examination, I swear that you will spend all of August studying with me amphibians and their bodies without skeleton "

" Deal Done "promised once more smiling, surely he was happy to get what he wanted. Men ...

"It would be perfect revenge," I whispered.

"Did you say?" he asked curiously. "Calm down, it would be a quick death, I could not enjoy it, I would know a little." He said taking the iron away.

He began knotting and tying the ropes to the bridge and harness. I looked, they should have been like 50 meters for low, I got dizzy.

"Now you're not going to back out, are you?" he asked defiantly. "Go, put on the harness," he asked as he caught up with me.

"You first, I do not trust a hair of you" I interjected hard with a defiant look.

"Okay, to get on then you'll have to pull this rope this way"

I honestly do not notice how I did, a butterfly's flight distracted me. He jumped the railing of the bridge and just as he was on the edge of it, he opened his arms wide and jumped. As soon as I saw him hanging like he was, I knew that was my chance. I glanced at the landscape and saw a path leading down to the river. I headed there while Brian started screaming for me to raise him up until he realized what my intentions really were.

I stood a few feet from him and sat on a rock in the middle of the river.

"Damn bitch," she shouted very loudly.

"I do not think that helps you much, I doubt that insulting me to get you help of your own volition, but you still I like."

I watched him smiling with disdain , had the power. Or so I thought. Suddenly he started up the same rope that hung as if it were a lizard, shit. I got up quickly from the rock and started to run across the river, jumping from stone to stone, but in a matter of seconds I had Brian behind, five seconds later he caught me and threw himself into the river with me fucking. I came to the surface but no trace of Brian until something grabbed me from behind.

"Because ..." I whispered as I ran his cheek in the direction of his ear "you're a pedophile pig" I finished.

And then he grabbed me tightly making his body and mine touch and started kissing me. I tried to resist, but to be realistic pederastic pigs like him I loved. "

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