Some AT&T wireless customers unable to make calls

AT&T Inc on Wednesday said that some USA customers were not able to make wireless calls but that restarting their cellphones would fix the issue.

Numerous reports of problems are showing up on Twitter, as affected customers are reaching out to the company for a solution. They say you may have to restart your phone several times to resolve the issue., which tracks service outages, showed most reports of issues were coming from Houston, Mountain View, San Francisco, Chicago, Austin, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Orlando and Arlington, Texas.

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Just after 9 p.m. CT on Wednesday NBC got a notification from AT&T that the issue had been resolved and service should be back to normal.

"This should restore for connectivity and allow customers to make calls including emergency calls".

AT&T wireless customers are unable to make calls in many cities, . If the issues persist, at least for the time being, there's also the option to place calls over your Wi-Fi network thanks to AT&T's Wi-Fi calling feature.

  • Desiree Holland