Guide of Mushrooms and Mushrooms of Navarra .: Postia caesia (Schrad ex Fr) Karst

Synonymy: = Tyromyces caesius (Schrad ex Fr) Murr; = Leptoporus caesius (Schrad) Quel

Popular names: Polyporo azul

Yesquero of very soft meat group of branches and pine wood and other conifers , of white color but with the age and to the friction it is taking blue colorations, more accentuated towards the edges of the hat.

Macroscopic description:

CARPÓFORO formed by semicircular hats or fans, quite small, from 1 to 5 cm in width and usually slightly less than projection, elongated, with a furry surface and sometimes a little zoned, at first white, but with age and with the friction it takes on blueish colorations. MEAT up to 1 cm thick, soft and watery, half perforated by tubes of the hymenium, white and with no noticeable taste or odor. SPORADA in white mass

Underneath it has angular and sometimes torn and white pores.

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Trace of the monomythic carpophore formed by a single type of hyphae, generative, thin and provided with fibula walls. Small, cylindrical and tetrasporic basidia. Spores narrow, elongated and curved, smooth and colorless, 4.5 to 5.5 x 1.5 microns. In our non-amyloid Melzer samples, 5.5 [6; 6.3] 6.8 x 1.3 [1.3; 1.9] 3.3 microns.

Species that fructifies on branches of the most diverse trees, both deciduous and coniferous, on which generally a brown rot.

Fructifications appear from August to December and especially between October and November.

Similar species and confusions:

subcaesia is more typical of branches of deciduous trees than of conifers and the azuleamiento is much less intense. The P. Stiptica is very similar, but it does not tile and the meat is bitter. The P. chionea also very similar, not blue and the general decay on the wood is white rather than brown.

Species observed in a large part of the Foral Community of Navarre, although not abundantly, in the Middle zone, as in the Prepirenaic valleys and especially in the Humid valleys, especially Ulzama and Basaburúa.

Register of the species in the last 40 years in Navarre:

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