What do the Mexican skulls mean? | Dystopia Mod

If there is one thing that I envy of the Mexican culture is its vision of the life and, above all, of the death. Every year the Day of the Dead holiday reminds those who have already left with a mentality a little removed from the Spanish. Beautiful colored altars are made in the homes and offerings are carried to the tombs in the cemeteries to make them see that they do not forget them. The protagonism that day is for flowers, colors and sugar skulls , from where come the famous tattoos of Mexican skulls. Today, Day of the Dead ceremonies continue to take place, especially in urban and semi-urban areas, but today they are influenced by the Halloween of the United States and some families for a more Catholic and traditional feast such as the Day of All Saints.

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But come what may, the Mexican skull tattoos come from the sugar skulls of the Day of the Dead, as we have already said. These skulls are candies adorned with many colors that become something completely innocent, flirtatious and cheerful. In tattoos the most important decoration is around the eyes, nose and mouth. Following the Mexican tradition, the tattoo is a reminder to the deceased of the family. Although, of course, it may have the meaning that everyone deems appropriate.

  • Adam Floyd