The Side of the Hound: Tip: Photo collage and glue recipe mod podge

Paint the black letter. Knowing that it would be difficult to print the photos to match the letters exactly, paint in black to help hide all the mend and miscalculations.

Tips for applying the pictures: Put all the pictures together you can use photoshop, just need to make some cuts. If you are unable to do this, you can easily create the same look by just printing your photos individually and cut them to fit as you like. Apply podge mod to the wood and then put the pictures on top. Let it dry. Then, using an X-Act knife, stiletto, trim the edges of the images that were hung on the wood.
C How to make the mod glue podge at home.

your homemade glue, fill half of your container with the white glue and then place the water inside. The ratio should be the same, ie if you put enough glue to fill 50% of the container, you should fill the other 50% with water. Follow that same ratio for smaller or larger measurements.

The glue will have a matte finish. If you prefer it to have a shiny finish, add 1 tablespoon of clear lacquer. Shake the mixture well and your Mod Podge homemade glue ready. Create a packaging for it.

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Once you have applied all the images on the podge mod wood and when completely dry, use a sponge brush and apply a thin layer of polyurethane over the images and in all the areas of painted wood. You can apply mod podge on the top of the image, instead of the polyurethane. But with polyurethane looks better, with the podge mod it gives a bluish tint after it has dried.

Download a photo for wood

  • Adam Floyd