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Full and complete translation into Spanish of all texts included the original mod:

"skyBirds SSE Edition"

Imprescindible and immersive mod, in which you will add to your game, a varied amount of birds, with their own sounds, respective artificial intelligence, and own behaviors. They are so well integrated into the theme of the game that they can also make use of the objects on the stage, flee from characters and monsters, and even have their own nests where they raise their chicks. In addition, the mod adds new ingredients, fixes various base game mistakes related to the birds, and you can even get to hear singing these nice animals by the places you go. From the very moment the mod begins, life comes out, and the diversity of fauna is enhanced, including the famous Carpenters Birds, among other popular birds.


Skyrim Special Edition

skyBirds SSE Edition

- For a COMPLETE EXPERIENCE IN SPANISH , you will need to have the following installed in this order:

1 - skyBirds SSE Edition

2 - SkyBirds SSE Edition - English - Translations Of Franky - TOF
(This mod, which you are reading.)

3 - Birds of Skyrim SSE Edition / skyrimspecialedition / mods / 3097

4 - Birds of Skyrim SSE Edition - English - Translations Of Franky - TOF

5 - Birds and Flocks SSE Edition

- To install this translation, simply unzip the file into the Data folder of your Skyrim, and overwrite it when asked.

All the texts added and modified by the mod have been translated into Spanish, including internal messages. To give coherence to the translation, I have searched for the exact and real names of the birds that integrate the mod, in specialized places within the thematic of ornithology. I have been totally faithful to the real nomenclature of these animals.

Only the texts have been modified to adapt them to the language, only and exclusively. I never touch anything of the mod itself, so it is always the same as the original, but with the language in Castilian.

In addition, I want to highlight the following three points, on which I base all my work on Skyrim:

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1 - ALWAYS, and I always say, I ask permission from the creator of the mod, to translate it. If I do not get the permission, I do not publish the translation.

2 - My translation work, I do it, regardless of whether there are other translations or not, because my intention is to share my own work, independently

3 - ALWAYS, I start from the files of the original mod, that is, I do the translations from ZERO.

Obviously, although my intention has been to do it the best possible, and the translation has been tested from top to bottom, you can always make a mistake. If you find something that is not right, a strange symbol that should not be there, a typo in writing a word, a name that is not appropriate or anything else, always related to the texts, let me know and review it.

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