The look Barbara Linares - Edition and photo of surf | Surf Search Spot

I always liked photography especially when I discovered the world of surfing, I had never practiced but it was something that attracted me I was in love with it was pure passion until I tried it for the first time in A released - (Pontevedra 2006) there is already successive every year I escaped to surf schools and now I try to escape to discover new places whenever I can, I feel free. On the shore or in the sea wearing neoprene, he interpreted what I see through the lens.

The result, images of the sea in motion, that is, I expose the natural expression of water. I feel obliged to capture and share the unique and unforgettable moments that I live and feel when I am in contact with the sea or near it.

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I could not live without the sea, feel like the waves break, like slash the sea breeze for your skin and even more when you immerse yourself in it you are all problems of the mind, the sea heals you, it is the only effective natural medicine.

In addition to working in one Maritime company enjoyed photography as something more than a hobby, it's an obsession like the one I also have for my love, the sea.

  • Adam Floyd