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-I am. So you forget about me?

-And so forgetful I am not to imagine in you

outside of myself I go


If I were to find myself in the same place

I imagined and saw you;


I do not want to see her, I have to get out of me.

I just want to be with her

of his image is what makes me want and be able to continue.

I do not take it from my mind

and the penumbra that surrounded it enveloped me has oppressed the senses >

Your words have unfolded my soul

And your voice has me so madly in love

I just feel alive remembering me there

Search for Absurd Algos

black eyes are more dangerous than the most elaborate spider web.

From the first time I looked at them, I yearn to constantly have the opportunity to look at them again


My body shakes if I think about it.

If m and it numbed the soul to know it far.

I would have given my life by his lips,

and I only knew to give the image of an entirely stupid social.

He stretched as much as possible my arm, so that his skin touched mine,

He did it, of course, imperceptibly ...

I dare say it was more of a mental effort than physical,

Because if I had moved an inch, the miracle would have happened.

Cursed fate, how capricious and painful you sometimes show

show me perfection to take away from me the next day

and leave me helpless, full of pure yearning for an impossible desire that fills my life of sense,

which, by discarding it, leaves it to itself, of its deprived essence

and my life is again empty, without remedy.

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  • Adam Floyd