Throughout my life I think I've consumed as much Coca-Cola as water.

While I was normal for many years now, not anymore. In the process that led me to change my perception, I did this experiment , which I share with you because I did not.

But I assumed this mission with the idea of ​​checking 2 things: / p>

1 - A living being can not survive by consuming only Coca-Cola.

2- A plant is a human being scale, with worse defense mechanisms.

The experiment.

The first thing I did was take a plant home. It was one of those plants almost impossible to kill, that you can buy cheaply in any nursery. A little bit of sun and a little bit of water from time to time, and the plant is happy.

she looked vigorous. Dense and with signs of strength. Your white cocoons about to open.

Day 1

It was then that the plan began to march. To do this, a large bottle of Coca-Cola , already without gas, to prevent bubbles from interfering with the process.

It was always late in the afternoon. The summer weather was favorable so that no external elements, such as cold weather, would affect the results. DAY 2

Two days later of the first irrigation, I was surprised to see such immediate results. The plant showed signs of weakening. He seemed to have lost the strength with which he arrived. The bent branches were a sign of this.

However, it had to comply with the protocol and re-water the plant with Coca-Cola . Day 5 5 days the plant showed clear symptoms of the aggressive diet to which it was being subjected. The dead leaves on the floor evidence the trauma that is happening, being watered only with Coca-Cola .


At this moment another important symptom began to appear that is not perceived in the images.

Earth was no longer dried with lack of irrigation. It is as if the sugar had formed this mellow mixture always wet and rotten . And an unpleasant odor began to emanate, at first tenuous, inviting insects to approach.

However, although lowering the dose, watering the plant , beyond which the effects began to become clear.

Day 9

A week later it rained and I decided to give a break to the diet, to let the plant rest. And when I met her again at 9 days , there were signs of some reaction from her.

The appearance of small cocoon projects the bent for the sun, the branches erected again, showed that the rest had done well to the plant . It showed intentions to revive to its best.

However, the smell continued from the earth and implied that two days of rain would not be enough to purge a week of diet based on Coca-Cola . Even less so when the diet was to continue.

DIA 11

The results of returning to the Coca-Cola diet were devastating. The improvements that had manifested themselves two days earlier completely disappeared and the plant collapsed.

It definitely lost its strength and surrendered to the power of sugar that had already taken root . The pot was transformed into a bundle of insects and a source of a deep and unpleasant odor, which was recognized from every corner of the balcony. p>

Before the 2 weeks were completed since the experiment began, the plant already showed irreversible signs of abandonment. There were almost no leaves left, and the few and small ones that still clung to the stems, writhed as they found no strength.

However, far from drying out and dying, Coca-Cola by its branches. The base of the stems from the root had faded into a clear sign of decay as the Coca- Cola was taken all over the plant . The smell was pervasive and came out of the pot contaminating the gentle breeze estival .

The final experiment was approaching .

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  • Adam Floyd