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The skipper pushed the helmsman abruptly into position, not without shouting in a powerful voice: "Come on, boys, hard and fast!"

Then I want to scream of pleasure like owls, of running on the roofs like cats, and an impetuous desire to love is kindled in my veins. As in the night before, no one noticed on the screen something abnormal, and it is It was obvious that Wyoming was still panting on the couch. But Enid -Enid in my arms! -he had his face turned to the light, ready to scream ...

Being thus all finished, deer, birds, was told to the deer, the birds , by the Builders, the Formators, the Procreators, the Breeders: "Speak, shout; you can chirp, scream.

-The Perejiles a military miajita; as if he were giving his heart to what was going to happen, what happened, what happened, what a fright he had mounted on Zamora in the male, a male more glistening than an ivory tower and rather harnessed than the same sun , and when I was about to put my hand on the floor as a stirrup to the zagala to mount it to the rump, and when they were asked to shout: "Long live the bride and groom!", pataplun ...

crying before I and went out, and Apolodoros, who from the beginning had only cried, began to scream, lament and sob so that we broke all the heart except Socrates.

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The wedding day was fixed, and on the day before there were great illuminations in the city, bread rolls and donuts were distributed, the street dolphins swelled with shouting "hooray!" and whistling with their fingers in their mouths ...

Hans Christian Andersen

He did not resist this torture; exasperated I would get up and hit me on the head, I wanted to scream, but a strange force squeezed my throat.

And above all this, a generation, perhaps the first, that has never negotiated with the topics of patriotism and which, as I had occasion to write a long time ago, listening to the word Spain does not remember Calderón nor to Lepanto, does not think of the victories of the Cross, does not arouse the image of a blue sky and under it a splendor, but merely feels, and this he feels is pain. I wanted to scream as little as possible.

This happened in June, around the anniversary of the fall of the meteor, and the poor woman began to shout that she saw things in the air, things she could not describe. >

Everyone laughed at me in cruel and thunderous laughter. And I could not even scream, suffocated in my own anguish. Then my sight became more horrifying: at the bottom of the whirlpool it roared with its open jaws, with its sharp fangs, a starving Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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