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There are no common places, we only lose the ability to admire the environment so often visited. There are no empty words, but hearts tired of repeating them without echo in their heartbeat. The ordinary is the illusion of one who has renounced the ability to be surprised, from whom he has forgotten the magic.

Tedium disconnects, the known acquires, the predictable overwhelms. Behind all this is the disappointment, that wound that opens when we have failed again and again and thus fail to give the benefit of the doubt. Disappointment closes doors and we say: all men are the same, I do not believe in love, people do not change, that alternative is useless, society is rotten, there is no future.

I do not say with this that we stay forever in the same place. I may choose to leave a relationship, end a friendship, quit a job or walk away from a relative simply because I choose to be true to my heart. However, this does not mean that we do not believe in others: we can all change.

It does not matter which way we choose: magic knows no precise routes or manuals with precise instructions. The great force of magic is called faith and consists in not ceasing to believe in oneself and in others. But beyond all, in its core, faith lies in not ceasing to believe in life as it is, with all its lessons, surprises and falls; not to stop believing in life even with the absolute uncertainty of never knowing what the next day will be like.

A few weeks ago I found the flower of Green Cross Gentian Frasera speciosa) while walking on top of a mountain in the Sierra de Coahuila, Mexico. I took the photo I share in this publication. The essence of this flower helps, according to the Flower Essence Services (FES) system, to regain faith in humanity after devastating experience. I close with this floral statement by Patricia Kaminsky:

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There are not common places, we simply lose the ability to admire what we have visited repeatedly. There are no empty words, but hearts tired of beating without any echoing. Ordinary is an illusion of those who have lost the capacity to be surprised, of those who have forgotten magic.

Behind any feeling of tiredness there is deception, the wound that bleeds every time someone lets us down so we end up not believing again either in that person or that situation. We start saying that every person is the same, that we do not believe in love, that things are useless, that society is doomed and that there is in the future, among other bitter phrases.

I am not we should stay in the same place forever. We can always choose to step out of a relationship, to end a friendship, to quit a job or to keep a healthy distance from a relative because we chose to be faithful to ourselves. However, all the former do not stop believing in the others: everybody can change.

It is not about the path you choose. Magic does not know about ways of certainty nor about manuals with precise instructions. The greatest strength of magic is called faith and it consists of never stop believing in oneself and others. Above all, in its core, faith is about believing in life as it is, with its lessons and surprises, ups and downs, with the absolute uncertainty that you will never know what the next day will bring you.

p> The featured image in this post is the Green Cross Gentian (Frasera speciosa) , whose flower essence help us align with the living forces of Earth and strengthen our faith in humanity . I took this picture a few weeks ago while walking on the top of the Sierra of Coahuila in Mexico. Here is the affirmation written by Patricia Kaminsky about this amazing and regenerating flower essence:

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