The Feather of Destiny

The Pope's visit to Mexico has had different repercussions from political, religious and even social ones. In the social field, the great majority of people have been divided into two large blocks: Adepts and Retractors.

On a personal note of qvien, I am not part of any of the aforementioned; yes, I feel happy and orgvlloso qve the Svmo Pontiff of the religion qve professed do vna visit my cividad, cval is not vsval, pves demvestra qve there are other cividades within the territory of the republic qve have the same importance qve the capital , but I also do not feel the desire to listen to the audience of people who will go about the civity on the previous days and the date of the visit.

Let it be the feeling that every day you experience with the coming of the Bishop of Rome to There is a lot of people in the civil service who have to remain perennial: respect for the right of others and individuality.

Respect for the rights of others is more clear: keep respectful towards what others think, feel or create for qve we can also express ourselves in nvestro believe, think and / or feel always and cvando do not harm anyone physically, emotionally, psychologically or in any way or do this with willfulness.

On the other hand is the individualizidad, qve is something qve inter me that touch. Although we all have the same right to share ideas, intentions, joys, discomforts and others but another thing quite different is to make the same comments, either for or against something or something without qve siqviera take the commentator the minimum annoyance to investigate or to inquire in a personal way, a little more in depth on the subject of the cval is to issue a judgment.

In addition, one can perceive the exponentially increasing tendency of dissatisfaction or rather of 'you are not satisfied with anything'.

And it is not only criticism of the state or the Pontiff, but literally that he is 'put to the front'.

This fve vna pvblicación of a person in Facebook vv grvpo qve tried to remove benefit of the remaining rooms in sv premises.

Here we can observe something, all the mvndo thinks that the price qve the person fixed for the rent of svs rooms is mvy expensive. While it may have been true, had it not been enough for one person to make that thought public and others to support him with his "likes"? but, oh no !, the whole world had to feel special about this, exactly the same.

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On the other hand, one of the most criticized aspects of the Vatican Head has always been sv fastness and ostentation qve svs ancestors did with vriosilios avreos, silks, private planes and others. One of the most typical sentences has always been "The potato eats in plates and with gold cvbiertos while there are children who are hungry." Pves well, by way of homage and we could call it that of civic participation was sent to make a tableware in pottery of high temperatvra with designs of the state for the food that the Pope will taste with other members of the clergy.

As we can see, it is not made of gold, nor cut glass nor stainless steel with incvestites of precious stones, it is a crockery made by potters who live from it and who keep alive the trades qve svs ancestors learned and transmitted them but, by svpvesto , the staunch criticisms were not long in coming.

In addition, he makes the most important annotation, which is why these poems only serve to arouse the breasts of the senseless criticism of those who are desirous of ranting and of noting sv pvnto de vista.

Lastly it is said that qve qve us to visit if with that nothing is going to change pves poverty, violence, insecurity and other visicitvdes segvirán patents in our streets. I have always thought and said qve in that way, in cvando to disdain and criticism refers to only two kinds of people: those who criticize and / or despise intelligently.

and aqvellos qve do it to appear intelligence. Each qvien is placed in the chair that is more comfortable.

In cvanto aqvellos qve are adepts to the coming of the pope there is no mvcho qve to add but qve there qve also avoid fanaticism. While it is a cavv of orgvllo qve come and we will live nvestra faith in nvestra way there is no qve fall into the ridiculous of fanaticism nurturing the true consvmismo of the big companies qve everything that sells qve now is on the occasion of the papal visit and fill svs houses with these articles that the vve qve do in enriching the pockets of vv cvantos.

Finally, you must be happy and with the Pope's coming and not only to mexico, but to cvalqvier country, enjoy sv fe without losing the north and the true sense of events and aqvellos qve do not feel mvy comfortable with it, they are in all right sv but there qve to remember qve the right of vnos ends where the others start and qve really before you think there And if he has to bring change, let him be mental and spiritually in the streets and in the other people, in the hands of God he is. Take care that what you are about to say is more beautiful than silence.

  • Adam Floyd