ProgNotFrog: Larynx - Es War Schon Fast Herbst (GER 1979)

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This album was another shocking discovery (which I should credit to my friend Paulo) because when I obtained the vinyl I really had no idea what it was about, although the cover was very promising kind of gorgeous artwork one only from this time period, the black and gray city resembling Grand Boulevard, with an orange flock crossing in front. The music turned out to be stunningly beautiful folk "done to perfection" as the culinary cliche goes with touches of chamber instruments, e.g. flute and oboe ... and shockingly for this type of record, they pull out electric instruments on the second side, including a wonderful roland electric piano to back up some songs. L'Engoulevent, although without the advanced chamber music compositional quality.
Another record that was virtually unknown in the circles of grand collector bigshot fat cats, until I ripped it and thereafter it did the rounds. I always wanted to know what to do, but I do not know what to say. Because I know a lot of you folk music fans out there would just like this perfect little gem of an album.

  • Adam Floyd