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Blood drop (Adonis annua) , also called partridge eye , is an annual herbaceous plant of the family ranunculaceae, used in gardening for its colorful red flower.


The partridge eye or drop of blood is an annual herb that measures between 10 and 70 cm in height. It is very variable in terms of pubescence, and can be found from very pubescent including stem to glabrous. The leaves are feathery, and may or may not show pubescence; are divided from the stem into linear segments.

Flowers reach 4 cm in diameter (more in varieties cultivated for commercial use), are terminal (at the end of the stem), solitary, actinomorphs and hermaphrodites. Sepal with 5 pieces, also pubescence variable from glabro to have them even much longer than the leaves and stem.

Adonis annua , was described by Carlos Linnaeus and published in Species Plantarum , 1: 547, in the year 1753.

Adonis : generic name that according to

annua : Latin epithet for" annual ".

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They may come from the Middle East.

Between 350-1000 m. Common in crops, fallows and roadsides, with basophilic preferences (on basic soil)


Europe, Asia and North Africa. In the Iberian Peninsula we have appointments in almost all except the Northwest in the Balearic Islands.

Between February and June.

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