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The Guaraní God, the Tupã Tenondete, I hear the supplications of the family, seeing a community unity in peace, decided to intercede at the request of their people, the generosity of the young woman decided to give eternal life turned into a beautiful flower. The first to see was the moon, which rejoices with joy, giving a great brightness that seemed by day, the brightness of the star illuminated the still waters of the Parana River, revealing the beautiful flower that floated in the water, where the Spaniards and the Indians ran to meet him, they delighted his eyes with the beautiful aquatic plant of lilac-colored flowers of the beautiful woman.
This is the reason because after a great movement of waters of the river, when the waters become calm they are read of beautiful plants of camalotes.

The Guaraní God the Tupã Tenondete, by the generosity of the young woman decided to give eternal life the turned into a beautiful flower and to

When you see a flower of camalotes, it reminds you of the beautiful young woman with gilded hair, with lilac eyes, who cared little for her life when the someone else.

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