Say it with Flowers! Flowers and their Meaning |

Flowers are the perfect expression of nature. Delicate, colorful, perfumed, large and small, flowers bring joy and well-being to the recipient. That is why it is a perfect gift for any occasion, and even more so when we wish to express our feelings through them.

But, while they are all beautiful, flowers have different meanings. From the origin of the name of a flower to its distinctive features and mythology, flowers are infused with symbolism and meaning.

Hanakotoba is the Japanese name to associate certain flowers with different meanings. The term Floriography - defining the language of flowers - was coined in the Victorian era, and while some of the meanings may have been changing over time, the idea that through the symbolism of the flower we can express what we mean, it is still valid.

Beyond cultural meaning, it also depends on our mood, the personality and taste of the one to whom we wish to pay homage . It also depends on the colors and what the flower represents for the person. That is, many people like a specific type of flower or a certain color because it brings you pleasant memories, or simply because they feel identified with it. In this way, each person can attribute their own meaning to the flower.

I love them and I always liked the yellow tulips, which I learned recently mean "being in love." But everyone with their tastes!

While giving what you like best, or the person you love, I'll tell you the meaning of some flowers, for you to take into account when buying them.

Lilacs mean "first love". Purple lilacs symbolize first emotions of love , while white lilacs represent youthful innocence.

Symbolize the sun, transmitting warmth and happiness. It means adoration and longing for longevity.

Peruvian Liliums or alstroemeria, represent friendship and devotion , whites express sympathy > and the rosy, prosperity.

Symbol of love and passion , each of the colors of roses have their own meaning:

> White: innocence and purity

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Purple: love at first sight

It is one of the most special flowers or with more beautiful meanings . They symbolize elegance and grace and depend on colors, just like roses, for their specific meaning.

For example, red tulips symbolize "perfect love" "Forgiveness" and roses "concern for others".

Simple and beautiful daisies symbolize purity, innocence, loyal love and simplicity. It's one of my favorites!

Another of my favorites and I hope my husband reads this article before Valentine! Hahaha

It means "unrequited love". I know, it's not very cute! but it also symbolizes that the sun shines when I am with you , and I stick to that meaning!

Dandelions It has a lot of positive meanings: love, mutual affection , desire, sympathy, fidelity, happiness ... Dandelions for all!


Beyond being beautiful and exotic (and difficult to grow!) orchids symbolize love, beauty and perfection!

The flowers we want to avoid for San Valentín and that have derogatory meanings are: begonias, anemones, calas, marigolds and petunias. But, do not blame the flowers, they are all beautiful and especially those that we attribute to ourselves a special meaning.

Then get ready and surprise your love this February 14 with a beautiful bouquet in which no only include flowers and chocolates, but a meaning of authentic love.

Happy Valentine's Day !!

  • Adam Floyd