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Do you realize what the fruit crates ? Yes, it is precisely those wooden ones that you always see in the greengrocers, greengrocers and supermarkets. But have you ever stopped to think if they could be used to do something at home? Is that because they are free, recycling them will not demand much expense and also the things you can do with them are amazing. Let's not waste any more time and let's get to know these 10 ideas for recycling fruit crates and turning them into decorative or storage objects at a very low cost. Ready to start?

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# 1 Garden seat

Just by painting it and giving it your personal touch you already have a wooden drawer that serves as a garden seat . I love this idea of ​​putting you on a pillow that suits you. Super nice!

# 2 Balcony decoration

Do you live in an apartment? I also! That is why I understand that it is sometimes difficult to decorate the balcony because there is little space, but this idea is already solved because just by placing a couple of drawers, you have a divine seats. How would you decorate them?

# 3 Shelves

These shelves made with fruit drawers are sensational. Imagine everything you can keep there, from the books, to the toys of the boys and all that without spending a fortune. I love!

# 4 Breakfast Tray

Nothing more romantic than bringing breakfast to bed to your partner on the day of their anniversary. Surprise him with this tray made with vegetable drawers this upcoming Valentine's Day.

# 5 Coffee table

Do you see how clever this idea is? You accommodate the drawers in such a way that you can make a coffee table and you have storage space . Compare the prices of a table you buy and this, you will be surprised!

# 6 Seat organizer for shoes

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# 7 Wooden Closet Closet

I can not believe it I loved this idea! And you? The drawers are not even painted or polished and are divine. Organize your shoes, your clothes, your children's things, whatever you want with this closet made of fruit crates . How I did not think of it before!

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  • Adam Floyd